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Saxon Algebra 1 Program

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Saxon Math Algebra 1 program is made up of five instructional components: Introduction of the New Increment, Examples with Complete Solutions, Practice of the Increment, Daily Problem Sets, and Cumulative Tests. Saxon Math Algebra 1 covers topics typically treated in a first-year algebra course.

The Algebra 1 curriculum includes topics such as:
  • arithmetic and evaluation of expressions involving signed numbers, exponents, and roots
  • properties of real numbers
  • absolute value
  • equations and inequalities involving absolute value
  • scientific notation
  • unit conversions
  • solution of equations in one unknown
  • solution of simultaneous equations
  • the algebra of polynomials and rational expressions
  • word problems requiring algebra for the solution (such as uniform motion and coin problems)
  • graphical solution of simultaneous equations
  • graphs of a variety of functions: linear, quadratic, cubic, square root, absolute value, etc.
  • translations and reflections of graphs
  • factoring
  • Pythagorean theorem
  • algebraic proofs
  • functional notation and functions
  • solution of quadratic equations by factoring, completing the square, and quadratic formula
  • direct and inverse variation
  • exponential growth
  • computation of the perimeter and area of two-dimensional regions
  • computation of the surface area and volume of a wide variety of geometric solids
  • statistics
  • probability

Algebra 1 Homeschool Kit Contents

Saxon's secondary mathematics programs have been carefully planned and packaged. All you need to successfully teach each program is included in the homeschool kit. The Algebra 1 homeschool kit includes a textbook, an answer key for textbook problem sets, and tests with solutions/answers.


Solutions Manual

The Saxon Algebra 1 Solutions Manual provides step-by-step solutions for each problem in the textbook problem sets. Solutions to test problems included with answer key.

Includes hardbound student text, and Pb answer key ( final answers only-no documentation or explanations). Test/solutions packet.

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Saxon Algebra 1 Homeschool Kit (3rd edition) (171-05)

Hardbound student text, and Pb answer key (final answers only -- no documentation or explanations). Test/solutions packet.


DIVE CD Algebra 1 (Windows and Mac; 3rd Edition) (171-13)

Dr. David Shormann's DIVE CD is your video tutor for Saxon Math! Included in Saxon Algebra 1 Kit.


Saxon Algebra 1 Solutions Manual (3rd edition) (171-14)

The Saxon Algebra 1 Solutions Manual 3rd Edition contains detailed solutions to the problems in Saxon Math Algebra 1 textbook.

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8-Piece Protractor, Compass, Triangle Set (RM68)

Tools you'll find useful in all upper-level math programs. Includes protractor, compass, two triangles, straight-edge, pencil, eraser, and sharpener all in a convenient plastic case.

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