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Microscopy Supplies Kit 250-25

Microscopy Supplies Kit

May be shared- includes prepared slides.


This product cannot be shipped to the following countries:
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As with virtually everything we carry: we have done everything we can to make this a complete microscope science kit for hands-on learning, so you have to do as little shopping as necessary.

  • Lens paper
  • Glass slides
  • Slide covers
  • Microscope drawing paper
  • Glass eyedroppers
  • 1 bottle Methylene Blue
  • 16 prepared slides:
    • Ascaris mitosis
    • onion root tip mitosis
    • Amoeba Proteus
    • Paramecium
    • Euglena
    • Planarian
    • Spirogyra
    • Hydra budding
    • Zea Mays stem cross-section
    • Zea Mays root cross-section
    • Ranunculus stem cross-section
    • Ranunculus root cross-section
    • Grantia spicules (whole mount)
    • leaf cross-section w/ vein
    • Volvox
    • Diatoms
  • Magnifying glass
  • 1 bottle Iodine
  • Toothpicks
  • Coffee filter

We are not allowed to ship this microscopy kit to Australia or NZ. Requires a high-power microscope like the Sonlight Ultra Microscope.

No resources.

No attachments or samples.

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