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Handwriting Without Tears: Printing Power 2L172

Handwriting Without Tears: Printing Power

2018 edition

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Consumable workbook. A complete review of numbers, capitals and lowercase letters. Students write words, sentences, and simple paragraphs. Emphasizes fluency rather than repetitive copying. Approx. 2nd.

Handwriting Without Tears has been wonderful! Both of my kids love it. The methods are engaging, easy to remember, and they help kids form neater letters. The very first day, with just the 2-line paper, my son's writing improved (I was surprised!). And, my children's writing doesn't look like Handwriting Without Tears, it looks like their own version. I got My Printing Book for both of them so I haven't used any of the other books yet. You can always change to a "prettier" style if you have a child who wants to put the time and artistry into making beautiful letters. But for methods — hands down, Handwriting Without Tears is the best.

— Merry, 17 May 2005

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