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MCP Phonics Level C 2L19

MCP Phonics Level C

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  • Consumable Item
  • Illustrated Content
  • Binding: Pb
  • Pages: 208

Optional workbook for Language Arts for Grade 3 Readers. Consumable. Full color edition. Your child will learn about hard and soft sounds and will become familiar with identifying consonants in the beginning, middle and end of words.

Exercises cover the development of sentence and paragraph concepts, antonyms, homonyms, and homographs, reading comprehension skills, foundational writing skills and dictionary skills. Students will also learn vocabulary, study skills, concepts of print and alphabetic awareness.

Activities also include the study of short and long vowels, hard and soft c and g sounds, words in context, and consonants appearing in the beginning, middle, and end of words. Features clear, easy-to-read directions, presents multiple teaching approaches, and uses photographic clues to help your child learn.

Attractive and engaging full-color workbook. 2011 Edition.

Note: This workbook is part of an optional workbook series for those who want to supplement our "natural" language-learning approach. It is scheduled in the Language Arts for Grade 3 Readers Instructor's Guide.

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