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Science 355 Package

Berean Chemistry Package

Product Details
Title: High School Chemistry
Age Range: 15-18
Grade Range: 10-12
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The 300-level Discovering Design with Chemistry addresses the theoretical and mathematical basis of chemistry and follows a sequence of learning similar to the biology. Several fascinating experiments boost learning dramatically as they demonstrate universal formulas and concepts such as mass, density, volume, and more. Several projects include solving for unknown ratios, and Discovering Design with Chemistry explains ratios and their associated calculations.

Please note: Students who have not completed Algebra 1 prior to taking the course will find the work and calculations challenging to master.

The course includes textbook, solutions and tests, a Sonlight Chemistry Schedule Plus, and a Chemistry Supplies Kit.

If your students complete the experiments that go with the course, they will have a true, upper-level high school science experience, with lab.

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