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Advanced Apologetics

Defending Christianity in the 21st Century

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Prepare your teens for the transition to college and beyond with a sure footing in your faith. In a world where many young adults abandon their beliefs, you can equip them with tools to be certain that following Christ is "true and reasonable" (see Acts 26:25).

Advanced Apologetics will help your students understand and gracefully defend their beliefs. Examine arguments from skeptics, atheists and those of other faiths. Become familiar with compelling responses to these arguments. Discover that Christianity can stand up to the most rigorous intellectual scrutiny and provide vast convincing evidence on its behalf. See that when compared to other wordviews, Christianity offers the best explanation of reality.

We want your students to know why they believe what they do. We also want them to be able to communicate that belief with reverence and humility in the face of opposition. They'll use the knowledge gained here to develop a plan that lets them respond to contradicting views with truth and love.

This 18-week elective is perfect for college-bound juniors and seniors. Pair this apologetics curriculum with What Good Is Christianity? for a full-year elective.

Philosopher, educator and homeschool dad, Robert Velarde, chose three excellent, accessible books to guide your path. The Instructor's Guide includes easy-to-follow notes, vocabulary and discussion questions to help learners absorb the content. We think your students will enjoy this engaging and relevant journey into the best of Christian apologetics.

Instructor's Guides

Apologetics Instructor's Guide (610-01)

Advanced Apologetics includes three books carefully selected from a wide selection of contemporary resources on the defense of the Christian faith. The books are intended not only to address intellectual matters, but also to emphasize the development of moral character and the nurturing of a winsome approach to sharing and defending the faith.


College Prep

A little Primer on Humble Apologetics (610-02)

Sire is well-known as the author of the influential book The Universe Next Door: A Basic Worldview Catalog. As a campus speaker, Sire is well-acquainted with common questions and debates regarding Christianity and the challenges believers face in the marketplace of ideas, such as in university settings.


Christian Apologetics: A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Faith (610-03)

This is one of the finest contemporary books covering the broad spectrum of apologetics that offers both positive evidence for faith and a thoughtful critique of other viewpoints. As a graduate-level seminary professor, Groothuis is thoroughly familiar with the defense of the faith. And while the length of the book may at first glance be somewhat intimidating, the chapters are well-organized and generally straightforward enough for the layperson to grasp. The one possible exception is chapter 1, on the ontological argument for God's existence, a complex subject to condense into a single chapter. On the whole, Christian Apologetics is one of the best resources available on the topic.


Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions (610-05)

Author Koukl holds a graduate degree in apologetics. Beyond academic credentials, he's also an experienced apologist, interacting with people regularly on his radio broadcast and via his ministry, Stand to Reason. Koukl has for years been living out his approach to conversing with others about Christianity. Tactics is a collection of his best insights. The book is not so much about apologetic arguments, but about the approach one can take in dialogue with others. As such, Tactics is essential to apologetics and evangelism. It can help us become better speakers, listeners and winsome ambassadors for Christ.

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