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The Invisible Heart: An Economic Romance 670-02

The Invisible Heart: An Economic Romance

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Can Modern Economics be practical... even emotional? Yes!

Note: This item is also included in Sonlight's Economics program.

If you know Sonlight, you know we couldn't put together our own Economics program without including some piece of wonderful literature. Our choice: The Invisible Heart: An Economic Romance by Russell Roberts.

Roberts' work offers a novel insight into Economics (pun totally intended). This modern economics book gives practical and emotionally challenging "feet" to many theories that might otherwise seem dry and unfeeling. Your students will see how economic principles and concepts surround them every day and in every way.

If your students read The Invisible Heart as part of Sonlight's Economics program, it also gives them a pleasurable break from the more theoretical lectures.

Sonlight's Economics combines the Thinkwell Economics multimedia program with modern literature and your Bible for the deep, balanced tour of Modern Economics you'd expect from us.

This book is a key part of that tour.

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