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Sonlight's Psychology Program

AP Psychology prep from Sonlight

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Subject: college_prep
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The science and art of psychology from a Christian perspective in a one-year, 36-week course.

The Sonlight Psychology package ties in the science of psychology with the art of understanding how people work.

The heart of this program, in fact, the reason we decided to offer psychology, is the opportunity to feature Jeff Corson and his interactive guide to Psychology. He's been teaching Advanced Placement Psychology since 1999 and has enjoyed not only seeing students grow, but has also seen them perform well above the national average (80-93%) in achieving college credit for the course.

Corson negates the public perception that psychology is the domain of unbelievers and views it simply as the study of God's workmanship. The more we study our brain and behavior, the more we appreciate His greater purposes.

Some parents worry about sending their students off to college, but Corson wrote this high school psychology textbook to help prepare students to face the challenges of strengthening their faith in a college/world environment where their faith is challenged every day. The challenge of comparing academic learning to God's Word is a lifelong skill he emphasizes.

He hopes to not only enable students to prepare for the AP* Psych exam, but to reinforce their love for learning.

My daughter used Sonlight's Psychology program and learned so much more than I ever did in a high school (or even college) Psychology program. She was very confident going into the AP exam, and we just learned she received a score of 5 (the top score, 'extremely well qualified')!
–sola gratia, July 2010

Corson's AP psychology book suggests a timeline of Aug. to April (or an accelerated timeline of Dec. to April), for students who want to take the national Advanced Placement Psychology test that's offered in the U.S. in May.

Corson's workbook uses a Psychology textbook by David Myers that includes solid facts, terms and history, and features fascinating real-world applications and a generous sprinkling of laugh-out-loud cartoons. (It's rare to find a textbook that makes you smile).

I could tell at the beginning of the school year that the Sonlight AP Psych program was a good one and, although challenging, my daughter studied hard and was glad when the official AP test was done. We got her official grade last week - a 5! Thank you Sonlight!
–garnet7, July 2010

Package includes a psychology text and the workbook/diary with tests and answer key. Our inventory of psychology textbooks online offer students a robust picture of the field of psychology (including a Christian perspective) as they prepare for the AP* Psych exam.

*AP and Advanced Placement are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

College Prep

Sonlight Psychology Interactive Workbook and Diary (690-01)

This workbook/diary strengthens students' faith as they interact with the ideas of psychology and prepare for the AP* Psych exam.


Psychology for AP (690-02)

The Myers Psychology 3rd Edition textbook introduces students to the history of psychology as well as key arenas of behavior and the makeup of the mind. This edition of the Myers AP Psychology book covers memory, intelligence, perception, disorders and more. Color photos.

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