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DIVE CD Algebra 1/2 (Windows and Mac; 3rd Edition) 7M013

DIVE CD Algebra 1/2 (Windows and Mac; 3rd Edition)

May not be returned for refund if opened.

Shipping This item ships for FREE via Media Mail (to the U.S. only). Details.

Dr. David Shormann's DIVE CD is your video tutor for Saxon Math!

Dr. David Shormann's DIVE CD is your video tutor for Saxon Math!
Click here to read a description of the DIVE CDs.

Refund Policy and Important Notes:

Note: DIVE has recently released a new CD that will work on both Macintosh and PCs.

If you are not able to get your DIVE CD to work properly, please contact Beverly, Genesis Science's Tech Support Specialist, at (936) 372-9216. Genesis Science has not had a defective CD in about 2 years, and most problems can be resolved over the phone, so you'll save a lot of time by calling Beverly with any problems you may have.

Genesis Science guarantees that all DIVE CDs will be free of defects at the time of purchase, but DIVE CDs are not refundable for any reason if they are opened. CDs that are damaged upon receipt or not working properly will be exchanged for the same title CD.

BEFORE opening your DIVE CD, please be sure you have the same edition CD as the Saxon textbook you will be using with the CD. If you need to exchange a CD for any reason you must speak to Beverly at 936-372-9216 within 15 days of purchase. A receipt will be required.

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