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Timeline Figures A AH03

Timeline Figures A

World Cultures

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Over 40 Timeline Figures for Sonlight A on self-adhesive heavy card stock. Just cut them out, color and stick them in your Timeline Book.

Timeline Figures

Sonlight's Timeline Book paired with program-specific Timeline Figures make creating your own timeline easy and delightful.

Figures included in this Timeline Figures set are:

  • Adam and Eve (ca. 5000 BC)
  • Noah's Ark (ca. 3500 BC)
  • Abraham (ca. 2100 BC)
  • Isaac (ca. 2100-2000 BC)
  • Jacob (ca. 2100-2000 BC)
  • Ancient Egyptians (2000–1000 BC)
  • Joseph (ca. 1914 BC)
  • First Olympiad (776 BC)
  • Greek Golden Age (ca. 479-431 BC)
  • Moses (ca. 1400s BC)
  • Rome (ca. 753 BC-AD 476)
  • Vikings (ca. AD 793-1020)
  • Middle Ages (c. 476-1453)
  • Joshua (ca. 1400s BC)
  • Gideon (ca. 1199 BC)
  • Samson (ca. 1175 BC)
  • Ruth (ca. 1200 BC)
  • Samuel (ca. 1113 BC)
  • Saul, first king of Israel (ca. 1100 BC)
  • Louis Braille (1809-1852)
  • Industrial Revolution begins (ca. 1750)
  • Pioneers (begins 1840s)
  • King David (ca. 1055 BC)
  • King Solomon (ca. 1015 BC)
  • Judah and Israel divide (ca. 925 BC)
  • Margaret goes to Africa (1923)
  • Jonah goes to Nineveh (ca. 782 BC)
  • Dispersion of Israel (ca. 722 BC)
  • Isaiah (ca. 740 BC)
  • Jeremiah (ca. 627 BC)
  • Babylonian captivity (ca. 605-537 BC)
  • Daniel (ca. 635-536 BC)
  • World War II (1939-1945)
  • Jews return to Jerusalem (537 BC)
  • Xerxes, Esther's husband, rules Persia (ca. 485-465 BC)
  • Jesus Christ (ca. 4 BC-AD 29)
  • Edmund Hillary climbs Everest (1953)
  • Jesus conquers death (ca. AD 29)
  • Mary Magdalene (ca. AD 29)
  • Philip (First Century AD)
  • Thomas (First Century AD)
  • Pentecost (ca. 35)
  • Saul of Tarsus/ St. Paul the Apostle (ca. AD 5-67)
  • George Boardman (1801-1831)
  • Peter (d. 67 AD)
  • John Chapman (1774-1845)
  • John Mark (ca. AD 45)
  • Francis Mason finishes the Karen New Testament (1843)

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