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Gooney Bird Greene BA03

Gooney Bird Greene

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Gooney Bird dazzles (and inspires) her classmates with "absolutely true" stories, while they learn what makes a story good or bad.

"Everyone has all sorts of stories to tell," says the feisty, friendly heroine of this laugh-out-loud book from a two-time Newbery Medalist.


Conformity is often highly valued in society. But as we look back on history, it is frequently those who stand out and buck trends who pave the way for change. This title demonstrates that it is good and helpful to be yourself. As you cover the unique persons from history in your 1st and 2nd Grade or History / Bible / Literature B and B+C package — be it heroes like Amy Charmichael and George Muller or villains such as Nero — the themes in this book reflect thoughtfully on the importance of character.

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