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Discover & Do Level 1 DVD BS03

Discover & Do Level 1 DVD

plus digital access!

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Observe and learn how to do every science experiment (almost 100!) in the Science B curriculum.

In Discover & Do, Level 1, you'll observe more than 90 science experiments and activities that are part of the Science B curriculum. Not only that, you'll learn how to do the experiments yourself — in the comfort of your own home!

You'll make a clock out of your shadow, build an electromagnet, and learn how to make your own rainbow. You'll even make a magnet float in mid-air! You'll do all these things and much more. In addition to the physical DVD, you also get digital access to the videos so you can stream them directly from your Sonlight account and watch them anywhere you have internet access!

We've always said that Sonlight is "great for your kids, AND great for you," and the Discover & Do DVD's were made with that in mind. As a busy parent who might not have the time to demonstrate the experiments his or herself, your kids will be able to watch the experiments and learn do it on their own.

Filled with fascinating science activities and peppered with humor, this DVD is an ideal supplement to your child's education. You get both a DVD and digital access from your Sonlight account.

Below are just a few video clips from this stimulating DVD.

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