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Science B

Animals, Astronomy, and Physics

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Title: Animals, Astronomy, and Physics
Age Range: 6-8
Grade Range: 1-3
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From the make-up of the human body to the infrastructure of a skateboard, Sonlight Science B feeds children's curiosity about how things are made. Includes basic introductory studies fields such as meteorology, biology, electricity, soil science, astronomy, physiology, and hydrology.

In Science B, children learn about the human body and health as they enjoy the First Encyclopedia of the Human Body, What Makes You Ill? and What's Inside You?

They learn about the technology of everyday items in See How It's Made.

And they learn about animals, space, and water processing. The highlighted scientist this year is Louis Pasteur.

Science experiments cover water, magnets, and lights and mirrors. The Discover & Do, Level 1 DVD includes creative presentations of all the 92 experiments in the Science B program.

Instructor's Guides

Science B Instructor's Guide (BSG)

Includes the following resources for teaching all Science B subjects: full Schedule; Teaching Helps; student Activity Sheets; separate parent full Answers and Definitions; and much more. Ready for your binder.



Pasteur's Fight Against Microbes (BS01)

Accompany Louis Pasteur as he discovers the secrets of microscopic living creatures — microbes: where they come from and what they do.


Space (BS02)

Did you know a year on Earth is not a year on all planets? Planets with the longest journey around the sun have the longest years. Find out more in this introduction to the solar system with rich and colorful pictures and graphics.


Discover & Do Level 1 DVD (BS03)

Observe and learn how to do every science experiment (almost 100!) in the Science B curriculum.


First Encyclopedia of the Human Body (BS04)

Where does your food go? Why do we have eyelashes? This fact-packed and beautifully illustrated introduction to the human body and how it works helps you find answers. Amazing photos, simple text, and suggested internet links for further exploration.


See How It's Made (BS05)

This exciting visual tour follows the manufacture of a variety of everyday items from start to finish. Did you know glass never wears out and can be recycled forever? Did you ever wonder how toothpaste gets inside the tube? Find out as you "enter the factory" for an up close look.


What Makes You Ill? (BS06)

From germs to viruses to allergies to the body's immune system, this book presents basic information about health and sickness and what we can do about them.


Science Activities, Vol. 1 (BS07)

72 pleasurable, illustrated experiments and science activities for children explained in Usborne's unique fashion.


The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks (BS08)

By taking us on a "you are there" field trip, this book explains the water cycle and modern methods of water purification and distribution.


Why Do People Eat? (BS09)

Fascinating introduction to nutrition, foods and dietary habits around the world.


The Usborne World Of Animals (BS10)

From the Himalayan Mountains to the Namib desert, you and your children take a grand tour of the animal kingdom. You'll learn about the habitats and habits of creatures from all over the world.


Science Supplies Kit B (BSK)

Science experiments can easily get passed over in homeschooling homes. A Sonlight Science Supplies Kit helps you fit the experiments into your life. You won't ever need to skip an experiment because you're missing a cork, a marble, a magnet, a thumbtack, a tiny lightbulb. No need to make a run to the hardware store to buy a galvanized nail (and then realize that you actually have to buy a box of 100, when you really need just one).

The Sonlight Science Supplies Kit has the items you need, in the quantities required.

Items in this kit are consumable but may be shared between multiple students.

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Consumable Items


Extra Science B Student Activity Sheets (BSG1)

Consumable. One set of these consumable sheets is included in Science B. You need one set per student.

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