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Window on the World CH04

Window on the World

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A wonderful introduction to 92 largely unevangelized countries and peoples of the world. From Afghanistan to the Zulus, and beyond.

Each two-page spread includes a story, maps, interesting facts, full-color photos and illustrations, and suggested prayers. A treasure-trove for developing a godly heart for the world!



  • "Do you know?" inserts

  • "Fact file" inserts

  • Prayer suggestions

  • "Meanings of difficult words" list

  • A map of the world

  • Ideas to help you and your family get involved in missionary work

  • A list of Christian mission agencies for further information

This is a wonderful resource for families who want to pray together for the success of God's work through missions all over the world.

Replaces You Can Change the World, Vol. II (#2H12).

No resources.

No attachments or samples.

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