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Bible D DBP

Bible D

Book Collection

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Instructor's Guide not included. This is part of your History / Bible / Literature D and Grade 3 All-Subjects Package.

Help them develop a lifestyle of prayer for others

Through Sonlight's American Indian Prayer Guide, your children will learn about and discover ways to pray for the many different tribes in North, South, and Central America. They will also learn how to understand and appreciate the Bible in new ways with the Discoverer's Bible for Young Readers... And, finally, they will sing along with beautiful scripture memory songs, which will encourage them to hide God's Words in their hearts. As you read and memorize passages of the Bible in your History / Bible / Literature program, dive deeper into God's Word with this Bible study package (included and scheduled in your History / Bible / Literature Instructor's Guide).


American Indian Prayer Guide (DB01)

36 weeks' worth of daily prayer for the indigenous peoples of North, South, and Central America.


The Discoverer's Bible for Early Readers (DB02)

Provides the full text (Genesis to Revelation) of the New International Reader's Version® of the Bible.


Sing the Word: Great in Counsel and Mighty in Deed (DB03)

Includes all the Scripture verses in the Bible D Memory program.

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