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Geography / World Cultures PG00

Geography / World Cultures

Book Collection

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Instructor's Guide not included. This is part of your Pre-K Package.

Geography/World Cultures Pre-K titles included in the Pre-K Package.

History & Geography

People (PG01)

A meditative book illustrating the broad diversity of people in the world today. Written and illustrated by award-winning children's author-artist Peter Spier. Full-color illustrations.


Stories from Africa (PG03)

Six stories of God's faithfulness to His people in Africa.


Things People Do (PG04)

Mostly serious but sometimes lighthearted look at various jobs--from farmer to service station owner, newspaper reporter to veterinarian. Fascinating! In Usborne's inimitable style.


The Gods Must be Angry (PG05)

True story about a Thai boy who accidentally knocks the head off his family's Happy Idol. An innocent question, "Why can't the idols heal themselves?" leads to a spiritual awakening.


Then and Now (PG06)

Simple text provides discussion starters to help children understand historical time, a concept difficult to grasp.


New Toes for Tia (PG08)

Story of a Thai child who loses her toes to an accident. How she gets new toes. Perfect "worldview" book for little ones!

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