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Level 3: 5-Day Reader Collection R3

Level 3: 5-Day Reader Collection

Additional titles to enhance your 4-Day program

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A collection of four excellent titles for your developing reader. The Third Grade Detectives use science to solve local mysteries. Join them in two books as they work to solve their cases. The other two books are both dog books, though they are wildly different. One is about a well-loved pet; the other about a neighborhood pest. Both lovely stories, even if you’re not officially a dog person.

Readers / Literature

Tippy Lemmey (3R39)

Leandra, Paul, and Jeannie are three kids with one big problem: Tippy Lemmey. Tippy is a neighborhood dog who chases them, barks at them, and snaps at their heels. He is their number one enemy. But then one day they realize that he might not be so bad after all.


Third Grade Detectives #10 (3R40)

When a valuable fifteenth-century statue of Joan of Arc is destroyed at the local art museum, it looks like a case for the Third-Grade Detectives! Who would do it, and why?


Tornado (3R41)

Farmer Pete sits with a group as they await for an oncoming storm to pass and tells stories of his childhood dog, Tornado. This beautiful story captures the love between a boy and his dog.


Third Grade Detectives #4 (3R43)

A thief is in town and it's up to the Third-Grade Detectives to solve the case before everyone in class loses their stuff!

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