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King Tut Coloring Book RE31

King Tut Coloring Book

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Tutankhamun, Egyptian boy-king from 3,000 years ago, became an instant celebrity with the surprise discovery of his unplundered tomb in 1922. Discovered by archaeologist Howard Carter, Tut's burial site contained furniture, jewelry, sculpture, and other rare and beautiful objects, as well as the mummy itself, adorned with a golden death mask.

This carefully researched collection of 30 ready-to-color illustrations depicts many authentic relics from the tomb, as well as images from the life of King Tut. Among these scenes are views of the beautiful Queen Nefertiti, looking in on the royal children; the magnificent temple at Karnak; daily activities at the royal palace; the crowning of Tutankhamun at the age of eight; and his death some ten years later.

An excellent source of ancient Egyptian pictorial design, as well as information to learn about ancient Egypt, the King Tut coloring book will delight colorists and anyone fascinated by the magnificent civilization that flourished along the Nile so many centuries ago. If you would like to learn about other civilizations during their beginnings, check out the Life In Ancient Greece coloring book.

Recommended for Intro to World History, Year 1 of 2 Sonlight level B.

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