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Around the World Mazes RE51

Around the World Mazes

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  • Author: Sam Smith
  • Binding: Pb

Discover new places around the world with this whimsical maze book!

Around the World Mazes example: Rani Hotel

Sixty mazes, set in various exotic locations around the world. In the African savannah, gazelles need to avoid lions and hyenas. In Bavaria, a girl wants to hike to Neuschwanstein Castle. In London, the red double-decker tour bus needs to take each road to get to the London Eye. A delightful activity book. Each maze is more challenging than the last and all the answers are at the back of the book.

Around the World Mazes example: Canada

Around the World Mazes example: Africa

Suitable for ages 6-11
Grade range: 1-5

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