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CompuScholar: Digital Savvy Online Course RE6E

CompuScholar: Digital Savvy Online Course

for 9th to 12th Grade

Subject: electives
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The CompuScholar Digital Savvy course is perfect for students seeking to improve their computer skills or prepare for later Information Technology courses.

Topics Covered

This course covers fundamental computing topics and skills such as:

  • Hardware, software, and operating systems
  • Managing files and folders
  • Basic networking
  • Online safety and computer security
  • Using Word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation programs
  • Creating simple databases
  • Image editing
  • Using social media and email communications
  • Introductory website design
  • Simple computer programming concepts
  • Exploration of computing careers

Student Work

Students will complete hands-on projects in every chapter.

Course Overview

The CompuScholar: Digital Savvy curriculum is a one-year (two-semester) course covering required topics in most introductory "Information Technology" classes. This course has been aligned to specific course standards in a number of states.

Students should have minimal computer usage skills (e.g. keyboarding, mouse, and operating system navigation) prior to starting this course.

Teaching Strategies

The course material is designed to appeal to a variety of students, from traditional learners who thrive on written text to audio-visual students who enjoy a multi-media format. All content is delivered through an online system that allows students to work anywhere connected to the internet.

Hands-On Activities

Every chapter contains one or more hands-on activities that allow students to practice and demonstrate understanding of the lesson topics. A Windows or Mac OS computer is required for completion of the hands-on activities.

Course Planner

A typical school year consists of 36 calendar weeks or 180 days of school.

The course plan covers approximately 33 school weeks (164 days) of core material. Each chapter contains several hands-on "Work With Me" activities, lesson quizzes and a chapter test in addition to the listed Lab assignments. You may choose to add Supplemental Lessons as desired to meet state standards or student interest. Students may move faster or slower than the suggested pace.

System Requirements

CompuScholar can be accessed from any modern web browser on standard computers, laptops, or tablets with an internet connection.

In order to complete hands-on projects, students will use a computer with either:
Windows 7, 8, or 10
Mac OS 10.7 or higher

State Standards

Is your student taking this course to add to a middle or high school transcript? We've done the research and understand how our courses map to specific state standards and titles. Instead of writing our course name on the transcript, you can list the appropriate course standard for your state.

Digital Savvy Alignments

Course 39904 - Computer Technology: Introduction
Course 399010 - Information Technology Fundamentals

Course 8207310 - Digital Information Technology

Course 145005 - Information Technology

South Carolina
Course 5270 - Information Technology Foundations

Course 5891 - Computer Applications
Course 6095 - Information Technology Foundations

Course 130.302 - Principles of Information Technology

Course 32-02-00-00-170 - Digital Literacy

All Other States (recommended title)
Principles of Information Technology

No resources.

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