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American Heritage Student Dictionary RL01

American Heritage Student Dictionary

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  • Author: American Heritage Dictionaries (Editor)
  • Pages: 1088

Recommended Resource for Levels D-H & W. This volume includes more than 65,000 concise, easy-to-understand entries.

You will find geographic and biographical entries, more than 2,000 photographs and illustrations, plus a thorough Guide to Using the Dictionary; Guide to Capitalization, Punctuation, and Style; a complete Periodic Table of the Elements; Table of (Imperial) Measurements with conversions to Metric; Taxonomy table; and more. As necessary, definitions include notes on and examples of usage, inflections (past, present, future tenses, etc.), etymologies, pronunciations, and homophones.

The publisher says this volume is for 6th through 9th grade students. Our sense: it can serve for early elementary through junior high. Why purchase a "play" dictionary when you want your student to learn what a real dictionary is all about? Oversize Hb.

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