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Writers INC RL04

Writers INC

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  • Author: Patrick Sebranek
  • Binding: PB
  • Pages: 598

A book no writer should do without

Recommended Resource for Language Arts Levels D-530. Includes all the "how-to" information that every writer ever wished s/he had. A complete—I mean complete—guide to the writing process . . .

  • from pre-writing to drafting to revising
  • the basic elements of writing: sentences, paragraphs and more
  • literary genres: stories, plays, poems, expository and persuasive essays
  • style
  • grammar
  • documentation and much more.

I haven't even summarized half the book! When you want "dictionary" definitions of grammatical terms and "official" explanations of usage: this is the book you'll turn to.

Latest Edition. © 2006.

Note: There is a very similar book published by the same company called Write Source 2000. It's a great book. If I were a public school teacher in elementary school, I'd probably use it. But why buy what is functionally equivalent to a condensed version of a work like this when you can own the whole thing at virtually the same price?

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