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Puzzle Bundle RR3

Puzzle Bundle

USA, Global, and Solar Puzzles in one package

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Does your family love doing puzzles together? These large, colorful puzzles are a great way to bond together and learn about the US, the world, and our solar system!

The Kids' Puzzle of the United States is big puzzle (30" x 18") with 55 extra-thick pieces. Your children learn about the United States as they put the pieces (shaped like the states) in place.

The Global Puzzle is an outstanding geography aid because the 600 pieces are actually shaped like the countries, which means you have to figure out where countries are located in order to complete the puzzle! You family can learn all 193 countries and their capitals, all 50 states of the U.S. and their capitals, as well as all 13 territories and provinces of Canada and their capitals. In addition, the puzzle also includes dozens of geography facts about the countries printed within the oceans' borders.

With The Solar System and Beyond Puzzle, you will see all eight planets (sorry Pluto, you got demoted to a dwarf planet in August 2006), three spacecraft, and five galaxies. This 36"x18" 500-piece puzzle includes a planetary guide and a poster to help you and your family learn about the solar system and beyond. Enjoy this unique puzzle with pieces shaped like the planets they represent.

History & Geography

The Global Puzzle (RR103)

A fun way to learn countries of the world!


The Kids' Puzzle of the United States (RR30)

Find a great geography lesson on your floor!



The Solar System and Beyond Puzzle (RR37)

A fun way to learn about our solar system!

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