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The Kids' Puzzle of the United States RR30

The Kids' Puzzle of the United States

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Find a great geography lesson on your floor!

When you study the United States, this puzzle offers an excellent opportunity to learn the placement, shape, and relative size of the different states.

This big puzzle has 55 extra-thick pieces. The border interlocks, and then the pieces, shaped like states, nest into place. (From Virginia up through New England, three of the pieces have more than one state. The rest of the states are one state per piece.)

Includes the state capitals. Many pieces have pictures symbolic of their respective states (a peach in Georgia, skiing in Colorado, cowboy and armadillo in Texas).

Your family will enjoy learning United States geography as they put the pieces in place.

30" x 18". Advertised as for ages 4 and up. (But because the pieces don't interlock, most young children will appreciate help.)

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