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Lyrical Life Science Vol. 2 (CD, Text, and Workbook) RS52

Lyrical Life Science Vol. 2 (CD, Text, and Workbook)

Mammals, Ecology, and Biomes

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This musically and lyrically rich sound recording and text set uses humor as well as challenges to help students learn about various science subjects.

This volume continues from Lyrical Life Science Vol. 1 - Non-Animal Kingdoms and Non-Mammalian Animals, by focusing on mammalian classification and characteristics of each order. Covers in rather remarkable detail the various orders of mammals: plus basic concepts of ecology.

Text: oversize Pb. Illus.
Workbook: oversize Pb, illus, consumable, reproducible.
Audio: 16 songs.
Recommended Resource for Third and Ninth Year Science.

Song List:

Note: Songs listed in bold are available as samples.

Side 1 Side 2

1. Mammals
2. Monotremes and Marsupials
3. Carnivores and Pinnipeds
4. Ungulates
5. Primates
6. Rodents
7. Rodent-like Mammals

8. Bats
9. Insectivores
10. "Toothless" Mammals
11. Whales
12. Sirenians
13. Single Family Orders
14. Ecology One
15. Ecology Two
16. Biomes

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Lyrical Life Science Vol. 2: Workbook Only (RS52B)

Workbook only! Perfect for additional students.

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