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Digital Microscope Camera Eyepiece SSM20

Digital Microscope Camera Eyepiece

Bring Your Sonlight® Ultra Microscope into the Digital Age with This Digital Microscope Camera Eyepiece

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The digital microscope eyepiece is a great and inexpensive way to upgrade just about any stereo or compound microscope into a digital microscope.

How would you like to convert your Sonlight® Ultra Microscope into a digital one where you can view images from your microscope right on your computer? Now you can — and at a fraction of the cost of comparable products.

Some Basics

The Sonlight® Ultra Microscope has a 360-degree rotating head which permits several people to sit around a very small table and potentially view the same thing without having to get up and trade spaces in front of the microscope. But with the Digital Microscope Camera Eyepiece, the number of people capable of viewing the same slide is now limitless.

This easy to use and install digital camera eyepiece allows you to send images directly from your microscope right to your home computer. And with the right equipment, you can project the images on a screen for an entire group to see or you can send them around the world!

The Digital Microscope Camera Eyepiece is only four-inches long, has a built-in 10x eyepiece, and comes complete with an attached six-foot USB cable.

An adapter is also included allowing this special microscope accessory to fit on virtually any microscope, either compound or stereo.

The Digital Microscope Camera Eyepiece projects a live 640 X 480 pixel, full-color video image onto your computer. It has automatic light contrast and fine focus and with the included software, you can capture either still or video digital images in clear, vibrant color.

Powerful Software

Included with the Digital Microscope Camera Eyepiece is ULEAD® Photo Explorer software. It is compatible with all Windows® versions, including Windows 7. No Mac version of the software is currently available, however.

There's a lot this powerful software allows you to do with the images you capture. It installs in only a few moments and gives you the ability to: view, save, crop, rotate, flip, magnify, and change the color, brightness, & contrast of the images. You can even categorize your photos into special folders, create slide shows, and email images to your friends and family.

And, since what you are viewing on your computer with this software is a live video image, you can change slides without needing to replace the camera eyepiece with the original one. You just slip in your new slide, focus your microscope, and up pops the image. That's it.

Easy to Use

But how complicated is this Digital Microscope Camera Eyepiece to use? Here's what one of our "non-scientific" employees said regarding the first time he used it.

"Now, I don't have a science background at all. Even with sixteen years of education I never studied biology. Consequently microscopy is not something that comes easy to me. So before I hooked up the camera eyepiece, I had to learn how to use a microscope first. Once I figured that out, I was able to get down to the business of using the Digital Microscope Camera Eyepiece.

The initial setup was pretty easy. After I loaded the software, all I had to do was:

  1. Remove one small setscrew
  2. Take out the existing eyepiece
  3. Set the camera eyepiece in its place
  4. Unscrew the eyepiece Remove the eyepiece Insert the digital camera eyepiece

I plugged the camera eyepiece's cord into a USB port on my computer and was ready to go.

I opened up ULEAD® Photo Explorer, and with one click of the mouse, there was my first image. At first, I wasn't seeing a very clear image on my computer, particularly when using the 4x lens. But then I realized that I neglected to read the supplemental instructions. After I did that and made the recommended adjustments, I got bright, clear, full color images. Here are a few photos that I took myself.

Pair of Paramecium Spirogyra View from the Digital Microscope Eyepiece

Not too bad for someone who's never used a microscope before. And taking a video is just as easy as taking a photo.

If I can capture images like this, just think of what someone with a bit of experience can do! I spent so much time playing with the microscope and camera that I started getting behind on my other duties. It really is a lot of fun to mess around with. I think this is one gadget that will awaken the scientist in both kids and their parents."
— Gary, a Sonlight writer —


As you can see, this Digital Microscope Camera Eyepiece is easy to use and takes great pictures. But what about the cost; how does it compare with other comparable products?

Our goal at Sonlight is to bring you the best products and value we can find. This digital camera eyepiece is no exception. If you shop online for digital camera eyepieces you'll find that the majority of them start around $300 and go up from there.

We realize that many homeschooling families are on a tight budget, so we're making this great microscope accessory available to you. We think you'll find, as Gary did, that you'll enjoy using this digital camera eyepiece as much as your kids will.

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