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The Company

Sonlight is not public education at home. A quarter century ago, we pioneered literature-based curriculum — an entirely different approach to learning. This was a new perspective on education: Start with history as the framework for learning, and build the other subjects around it. It's an approach that produces amazing results. Study with Sonlight and your kids won't simply memorize a bunch of facts. We'll show you how to create an experience that piques their curiosity and ignites a lifelong love of learning.

We're not about fact-collecting (as if the one who graduates with the most facts memorized wins). No. If your children graduate with perfect SAT scores and never again open a book, we'd consider that a failed education. A one-time test is not an accurate measure of intelligence, let alone a good measure of perseverance, honesty, thankfulness, or any other aspect of character necessary for a satisfying and godly life.

Your children will learn plenty of facts, but they'll also recognize that there's always more to know, and they'll be excited to dig deeper. And you'll walk this road of delight together.

Our curriculum works. Sonlight scholarship winners earn above-average test scores. They've gone on to become authors, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, missionaries and more, pursuing their dreams and making their mark around the world. And though we applaud exceptional test scores, that's not the one metric that we choose to measure success.

We prefer hearing about reluctant readers who stepped into Sonlight and suddenly found the book that opened up a lifetime of wonder. Or the child who got up early on Saturday to do more schoolwork "because I wanted to." Or the siblings who, when their mother wanted to put off starting school for another week, picketed the house until she "allowed" them to begin.

We love to hear stories like this! And we celebrate every one of those successes. That's what we want for you, too.

Sonlight gives my children a love for learning, and if they love learning, they can succeed at whatever they decide to do in life.

– Kathleen D, Rocky Mount, VA

Through the years, our product has grown and matured, but at its core it remains the same: a collection of the best-of-the-best educational materials, conveniently assembled together to help you teach your children. We continue to work on our Instructor's Guides — our flagship product — so that you're assured of the value parents have long appreciated: the knowledge that all of the subjects are included, that the books are second-to-none (some of the best stories ever written), and that when you're ready to start school, you'll not only have the schedule to stay on track, but the notes and tips to help you teach every day with confidence.

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Learn More: Our Beginning

Sonlight's Beginning

The idea for Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd. was first sown in February 1990.

Our Top Ten Goals...


What do you want your child to get out an education? At Sonlight, our goals align with our Christ-centered, missions-minded approach to an enjoyable and excellent education.

Sonlight's Educational Philosophy

At Sonlight, we believe that homeschooling is a way of life and an overarching attitude toward the world. The world is out there to be marveled at, enjoyed, explored, and learned from. Once you catch on to this idea, you will find it easy to see educational value in almost everything you do.

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