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Sonlight's Beginning

Sonlight began with one family's journey. In 1989, stateside missionaries John and Sarita Holzmann realized they couldn't afford to put three children in a private Christian school. Sarita reluctantly started homeschooling and found that she loved it.

She soon realized that what came naturally to her, many others found difficult. At that time, there were no complete curriculum programs available; moms had to assemble products piecemeal. Talking to missionary friends, Sarita learned that this problem was far worse overseas. In the days before the internet, it was difficult and time-consuming to locate useful materials, without an English-language library nearby.

This was such a problem, that many missionaries were forced to leave the field of service, because their children's education was suffering.

Through the encouragement of a friend, Becky Lewis, Sarita decided that she could help. She would gather, create and compile the best-of-the-best educational materials for those overseas, and here in the States, too.

Sarita's innate gifting at scheduling, her love for great books, and her passion to support those on the field grew Sonlight into a leader and trend-setter in homeschool education. From her kitchen table to our state-of-the-art building today, what she began is a testament to stepping out where the Lord calls.

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