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Sonlight's Founders

Sonlight's Story

John and Sarita Holzmann began Sonlight Curriculum in 1990. Sarita had planned to pick orders while her youngest son napped.

He was never much of a napper, and the orders soon increased far more than she had anticipated.

Life: it's never quite what you expect. But this unexpected blessing has been part of their lives for over a quarter century.

The Holzmanns have four adult children, in the nicely ordered sequence girl, boy, girl, boy. The three older children all work at Sonlight.

Amy has worked for Sonlight since 2001, first in Product Development, and, more recently, in Marketing. She homeschools her five sons.

Luke has produced all the Avyx DVDs (such as the Discover and Do Science DVDs, the Mathtacular DVDs), and now works primarily in Marketing, bringing enthusiasm, passion, and clear thinking.

Jonelle is part of the Marketing team, offering input on design and content, and, spends time previewing books for possible use in Sonlight and the Summer Readers. Mostly, she stays home with her three children whom she homeschools.

(Justin, the youngest, also offers occasional input, when he isn't busy with his career.)

All eight grandchildren are homeschooled using Sonlight.

Holzmann Family 2014

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