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Sonlight Connections

Building a community around your homeschool

Sonlight Connections

Building a community around your homeschool


This collaborative community is designed to provide support and encouragement on your homeschool journey. If you long for a community that provides educational enrichment, encouragement, creativity, fun, and friendship, Sonlight Connections is for you.

Connect In Person

You can now meet IN PERSON with homeschool families who share the same educational philosophy. Join an established Sonlight Connections group or create your own! These in-person groups are perfect for educational group projects, parent discussions about homeschool struggles or opportunities to just have fun with homeschool friends.

The in-person groups are fully owned and operated by the Connectors who start them with minimal guidance from Sonlight. A Connector decides where the group will meet, how often, and what the group will do at each meeting.
The map below shows where established groups are located.

Join a Group

If you are interested in joining an already established group click the icon on the map and email the Connector directly. If there is no group in your area and you would like to be added to a list to be contacted when a group does start in your area, click the "Join a Group" button below the map. Once a group is started in your area, you will get a notification from the Connector directly.

Join a Group

Become a Connector

If you're interested in being a Connector and starting your own group, click the "Become a Connector" button below the map.

Questions? Contact Sonlight Connections coordinators, Judy and Stephanie, at

Become a Connector

Connect on Social

Our new Sonlight operated Connections Facebook group is exclusive for users! This community will be a place to share ideas, discuss issues and support each other with encouragement and prayer. Ask for guidance as needed, provide advice to your peers and stay connected with like-minded individuals.

Start building your community around your homeschool with Sonlight Connections.

Connect with Sonlight on your favorite social media platform.

Connect by Listening

We know you’re busy. You can connect by listening as Sarita Holzmann, president of Sonlight, speaks with influential homeschool moms on their podcasts. Their conversations elaborate on how literature can enrich the study of geography, the importance of raising children with a heart for the world and the power behind great books. Listen below for all that and more.

As heard on Kristi Clover's Simply Joyful Podcast
Listen in as Kristi and Sarita talk about the importance of year-round reading and recommend many great books for your kids to read independently or together.

As heard on Joy in the Journey with Misty Bailey
Listen in as Misty and Sarita talk missions, books, and how to cultivate a love for reading. Feel encouraged and equipped to raise readers, all while learning more about the heart of Sonlight.

As heard on Your Morning Basket with Pam Barnhill
Learn how Sarita came to love homeschooling, her heart for missionaries and the people they serve and Sarita’s passion for bringing geography to life using literature.

As heard on Read-Aloud Revival with Sarah Mackenzie
Learn from Sarita, the 7-point test she puts books through before adding them to the Sonlight curriculum and a personal story of how her son went from struggling reader to Valedictorian.

As heard on Homeschool in Real Life with Kendra Fletcher
Listen in as Sarita talks about how to raise children with a heart for the world through impactful missionary tales, biographies and just good books.

As heard on Raising Lifelong Learners with Colleen Kessler
Learn how books can ignite a love of learning in kids of all ages as Sarita talks about how books can make learning come to life.

As heard on Brave Writer Podcast with Julie Bogart
Listen to Sarita and Julie discuss how you can develop cultural literacy and empathy through the power of books.

Be Inspired

Connect by Email

Sign up to receive emails filled with motivation and support from Sonlight. You will also get:

  • Sarita's Word, our free biweekly encouraging word from Sonlight's president and founder
  • Insider information and sneak peeks of new products coming to Sonlight
  • Alerts to our occasional sales and specials offers

Join Connections

Become a Connector

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