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Sonlight Homeschool Advisors

Sonlight Homeschool Advisors

Do you have questions or need advice on what Sonlight program will work for your family? Did you receive your curriculum and need guidance on getting started, wondering about next steps. Do you simply need to talk (and pray) through an issue with someone? The Sonlight Advisors are here to help.

"I feel like I have a team behind
me with Sonlight.” Jackie R from Charlotte, NC

Sonlight Advisors are here for you every step of the way. These experienced Sonlight moms are available to help you:

  • Pick the perfect curriculum for your family
  • Address specific learning needs
  • Answer questions about Sonlight programs or offerings
  • Offer encouragement on your journey through conversation or prayer

Sonlight Advisors are your partners and advocates! Whether you are considering homeschooling or have been using Sonlight for years, Sonlight Advisors are here to help you homeschool successfully.

"Homeschooling was a new concept to me and Sonlight made the transition effortless through their guidance both online and with the advisors.” Amanda W. from Westcliffe, CO

Find help right where you are and in the way you are most comfortable.
Advisors are available 7am-5pm MT Mon - Fri. In keeping with company values, we pray each morning from 8:30-9 and may be unavailable during that time. It is currently 4:25 AM.


Chat live

with a Sonlight Homeschool Advisor.
Chat OfflineAdvisors are currently OFFLINE





to connect with an Advisor
US, Canada & Caribbean: 1-800-903-1675
Local & International: 303-730-6292



your question to



with a Sonlight Advisor on our Sonlight Connections Facebook group

You can also connect with fellow Sonlighters on your favorite social media platform

Advisors are unable to offer support for materials purchased from other vendors, or purchased second-hand.

Need Homeschool Advice? Chat with our experience advisors today!

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