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How do I put together my Instructor's Guide?

The first time you receive a box from Sonlight, it can be both exciting and overwhelming! Remember, there is no "right" or "wrong" way to organize your Instructor's Guide. But here's what we recommend as a starting point:

  1. At the front, place your covers, intro materials, and maps.
  2. Behind the first tab, place the first week's schedule and notes for History, Language Arts, and Science (check the bottom of the page to be certain you have the right pages for each week).
  3. Repeat through week 36.
  4. Put in your book notes behind the next tab.
  5. Place everything else behind the last tab.
  6. Done!

  7. In this video, learn how to assemble an Instructor's Guide, a brief overview of the sections included, and additional tips on how to get started with Sonlight Curriculum.

    We can assemble your IG for you

    Let us organize your Instructor's Guide (IG) for you. Learn more about the IG Assembly service.

    Instructor's Guide Assembly

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