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Let's Go Learn Reading Assessment

Sonlight offers a free Quick Reading Assessment.

This online reading assessment gives you immediate feedback on your child's reading level, as well as his or her strengths and weaknesses in reading--all for less than the cost of most formal assessments.

Let's Go Learn provides a comprehensive evaluation of seven areas of reading and includes activities and instructional recommendations to help your child improve where he or she needs it most. Works great as a pre- and post-test to determine how much your child learned, or as an objective assessment of how your child reads in relation to his peers.

If you'd like to have your student take a free, quick reading assessment, check out Sonlight's reading test before you proceed.

Discounts are available for purchasing multiple tests, so you'll get the most for your money if you purchase pre- and post-tests for your whole family up front. (There are no expiration dates on the tests you purchase. So if you buy five tests and only use one this year, that's OK. You can still have your family take the remaining four tests whenever you want.)

View the Parents section of the Let's Go learn Reading Assessment Reports. [303 kb]

PLEASE NOTE: The Let's Go Learn reading assessment results will not tell you which level Sonlight® History / Bible / Literature and Language Arts programs are the best for you to use.

"Wow, thanks for adding Let's Go Learn! This is an amazing tool!! It was easy to use and designed to be as fun and interesting as possible for the student.

"I was pleasantly surprised about my son's level on most of the categories, and not very surprised at the one really low score--spelling, ugh! The provided suggestions and learning activities will be very helpful to us in working on this.

"Thanks, Sonlight. I would have never found this on my own. I hope many more homeschoolers will use this reading assessment."

--Bridget A
5 April 2004

Prices and Ordering Information:

Order Let's Go Learn Reading Assessments. This will take you away from this website in a new window.

System requirements:

Requires 56.6k minimum Internet connection. Macromedia Flash 5 or later plug-in is required in either Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator (4.0 or later). Adobe Acrobat (4.05 or later) Reader is needed to view the printable assessment reports.

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