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4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

The overarching goal for this fourth grade year is for children to understand the context and progression of history. Over the course of this fourth grade year, through your reading, you will be able to walk alongside families whose lives intersect with major historical events, and meet characters who grapple with the difficulties around them and overcome in the end. Biographies, historical fiction and absorbing readers add depth to your chronological study.

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History / Bible /

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4th Grade Homeschool Overview

World History or American History, the choice is yours

This year marks the beginning of a new kind of Sonlight program. For the first time, History, Geography, Read-Alouds and Readers as well as Language Arts are all linked together. The characters you meet in your history book will show up in the readers, and you'll meet them again in Language Arts, and read about them out loud with Read-Alouds.

You have a wonderful choice before your 4th grade homeschool year: do you want to study World History or American History? If you choose World History, you get to choose how in depth you want to go: early world history, later world history, combined? Or, begin your journey into Early American history. Whatever your choice, your year will be filled with books and biographies that are chock full of adventure, non-scary, but still nail biting suspense, and anecdotes that will make you laugh out loud. It's going to be a great year.

4th Grade History

Your complete Fourth Grade program from Sonlight has history at its center. With your choice, you'll either look at World or American History and the events and people who have played pivotal roles in forming the world around us.

The people your children should know to be culturally literate come alive in the books you read. It's more than just who that person was, but why are they significant? How did their thinking and actions change the world so they are part of history? It is fascinating.

Included in your 4th grade curriculum are Bible readings and missionary biographies to round out your year. Whether you study World History or American History, you are in for a great exploration of the world and the characters in it.

4th Grade Lesson Plans

Your Sonlight Instructor's Guide (IG) provides your daily, book-by-book, subject-by-subject 4th Grade schedule. This is more than a calendar: it's everything you need to be able to confidently teach your children. Behind each week's scheduled lesson plan you will find a wealth of notes, maps, activity sheets, and teaching tips to accompany your studies. Your Instructor's Guide takes the stack of books and materials in each subject and makes it a curriculum. IGs are included with your History / Bible / Literature or All-Subjects Package, as well as Sonlight's Science and Language Arts programs.

The IGs are a fantastic tool. Use them for record keeping, a daily schedule, notes, or any combination of the three.

Using our Instructor's Guides you'll see just how easy it is to teach your children.

Sonlight has made learning come alive for us. The literature they choose is beyond amazing! We can open up a book and immediately be transformed into a new world. All of us have a hard time putting the books down! I often find my daughter up in bed at night sneaking in the next chapter in a read aloud! As we adventured through American History this year with Core D, my kids were able to explore right along with Lewis and Clark, see what it was like to be there when the constitution was signed, go on a mission with Adoniram Judson, discover the mystery in growing corn and beans and so much more! Thanks to Sonlight my kids are excited about learning and I feel well-prepared to teach them! Sonlight has definitely enriched our homeschool experience and we would recommend it to anyone! Rachyl R, Harrisburg , IL .

4th Grade Language Arts

This year, you will be able to watch your children's writing style expand as they learn about higher-level techniques like similes, metaphors and hyperbole. You'll use dictation exercises based on famous quotations and Bible verses to sharpen your children's ability to recognize and imitate good writing.

By 4th Grade, the Language Arts and History are interwoven, so, you'll be reading and writing about the events you are learning about. If you think your children would benefit from another level, check out all of Sonlight's Language Arts options here.

4th Grade Spelling & Vocabulary

Sonlight includes Spelling and Vocabulary in our Language Arts Instructor's Guide. But this year, we also include separate workbooks to continue building on what your children have learned.

In Spelling You See's Americana (Included in the 4th Grade All-Subjects Package), you will use three key activities:

  • Chunking: practice with English's many irregular letter patterns
  • Copywork: developing the ability to pay attention to details in print
  • Dictation: working on listening so your children can learn to decode and encode in a meaningful context

4th Grade Handwriting

By Fourth Grade we no longer include a handwriting program in our All-Subjects Package. But, if you would like your children to have more practice, you are able to customize your year and add the handwriting program of your choice. Check out all of Sonlight's Handwriting options here.

4th Grade Science

Science D, included in Sonlight's 4th Grade All-Subjects Package, gives your children an up-close look at the observable world and the forces behind what we can see. This year you will focus on Physics (energy, gravity, sound, electricity, and machines) and Biology (life, cells, the human body, animals, etc.). You'll also explore seas, oceans, and water, with Rachel Carson as a highlighted scientist.

This year you'll build a greenhouse and conduct botany experiments to understand what living things need. You'll learn how living things are categorized and named (taxonomy); and discover biological processes and how they work.

Sonlight's science programs have lots of hands-on activities, with the supplies you'll need already provided.

Choose the matching 4th Grade Science level or browse other available Science programs and see what you could discover.

4th Grade Math

Sonlight includes Math-U-See in our 4th Grade All-Subjects Package. This year, the focus is on division for single and multiple-digit numbers. Division is presented as the inverse of multiplication and single-digit division facts are learned and the concepts of division and place value are applied when solving long division problems. In addition, your fourth grader will use strategies based on place value and properties of operations to divide and begin to understand division as solving for an unknown. They will work towards being able to divide any whole numbers, and solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

With the help of lots of review, your children will continue to build their skills and abilities working with both abstract and real-world problems.

While Math-U-See is included in Sonlight's All-Subjects Package, if you are interested in another program, you can easily swap out the math and still receive our best 20% discount. Learn more about your other 4th Grade Math options here.

Ways to Buy

Two ways to choose your 4th Grade curriculum

Put together a customized program OR select the recommended everything-you-need package. Compare your choices and pick the path you want. Either way, a wonderful adventure in learning awaits you and your family.

Start with History

Select the program that covers the history focus you'd like to use this year. Because you'll teach with real books, each Sonlight program works with a range of ages and allows you to teach multiple children together. View the full curriculum scope & sequence for additional information.

Need help choosing? Chat with an Advisor.

Add other subjects as needed.

Intro to World History, Year 1 of 2 BC4R5

Intro to World History, Year 1 of 2
History / Bible / Literature B

Includes SonlightCares
$249 FREE
Retail: $607.27
Product Details
Title: Intro to World History, Year 1 of 2
Age Range: 7-9
Grade Range: 2-4
Learn More
Intro to World History (One Year Condensed) BCC4R5

Intro to World History (One Year Condensed)
History / Bible / Literature B+C

A fast-moving introduction, from creation to World War I
Includes SonlightCares
$249 FREE
Retail: $581.39
Product Details
Title: Intro to World History (One Year Condensed)
Age Range: 8-10
Grade Range: 3-5
Learn More
Intro to World History, Year 2 of 2 CC4R5

Intro to World History, Year 2 of 2
History / Bible / Literature C

Explore the Dark Ages through World War I
Includes SonlightCares
$249 FREE
Retail: $575.37
Product Details
Title: Intro to World History, Year 2 of 2
Age Range: 8-10
Grade Range: 3-5
Learn More
Intro to American History, Year 1 of 2 DCD5

Intro to American History, Year 1 of 2
History / Bible / Literature D

From before the Pilgrims up to the Civil War, understand United States history
Includes SonlightCares
$249 FREE
Retail: $558.49
Product Details
Title: Intro to American History, Year 1 of 2
Age Range: 9-12
Grade Range: 4-7
Learn More

Get a Complete Package

If you are beginning your study of American History, select D+E for a one-year condensed program. If you have already completed Sonlight D, select E.

Need help choosing? Chat with an Advisor.

Customize as needed and still save up to 20%.

4th Grade Curriculum 4ASP

4th Grade Curriculum
All-Subjects Package D

From before the Pilgrims up to the Civil War, understand United States history
Includes SonlightCares
$249 FREE
Retail: $1082.22
Product Details
Title: Intro to American History, Year 1 of 2
Age Range: 9-12
Grade Range: 4
Learn More
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