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6th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

History is a story — the story of real people, real families, real adventures, real triumphs and defeats, and real cultures. There's no reason a good story — especially a story well told — should ever be boring! Sonlight’s 6th Grade curriculum is all about fostering students' ability to think critically and make connections. This year, you have two options for History: American History, or the Eastern Hemisphere. Allow the story of history to capture your imagination.

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6th Grade Homeschool Overview

Options from across the world

During your 6th grade year, you have the choice to study very different times and places in the world: American History, or our focused look at the Eastern Hemisphere. There is no wrong choice for you and your 6th grader, it is an opportunity to connect and learn from very different perspectives. It has all the makings of a great year.

6th Grade History

Sonlight's grades are built on the foundation of history.

If you choose American History, you'll be introduced to the "go-getters" that expanded our country, brought people together and created a country that was unlike anything seen before in the "old world" of Europe.

Or you can choose one of our most unique programs: a full year exploration of Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the South Pacific in the Eastern Hemisphere program. Why would you choose this? Well, not only does a huge percentage of the world's population call the Eastern Hemisphere home, but ninety percent of all unevangelized people live there. As part of learning about other places, cultures, and ultimately God's heart of the whole world, we want you to be able to explore these rich and beautiful lands and peoples.

Sonlight's 6th grade will help your children develop and understand the world today by seeing how we got to where we are. It will help them understand their own and other's cultures by seeing the connections between history and today's world.

6th Grade Lesson Plans

Your Sonlight Instructor's Guide (IG) provides your daily, book-by-book, and subject-by-subject 6th Grade schedule. This is much more than a calendar: it's everything you need to be able to confidently teach your children. Behind each week's scheduled lesson plan you will find notes, maps, activity sheets, and teaching tips to bring depth and insight into your studies. Your Instructor's Guide takes the stack of books and materials in each subject and makes it a curriculum. IGs are included with your History / Bible / Literature or All-Subjects Package, as well as Sonlight's Science and Language Arts programs.

Use them for record keeping, a daily schedule, notes, or any combination of the three. Using our Instructor's Guides you'll see just how easy it is to teach your children.

6th Grade Language Arts

This year in 6th grade, your children will learn grammar, still-essential mechanics, how to research and work on creative expression. Their writing skills will grow as they explore different styles, learn literary analysis and take on increasingly challenging assignments.

All of your sixth grade Language Arts assignments are laid out in our Language Arts Instructor's Guide. Each lesson is scripted and includes rubrics (a simple scale so you can easily see where your child is falling on each assignment) in an easy to use format. Mechanics are explained in simple terms, and you can see realistic examples of the type of writing your children should be doing.

If your children would benefit from another level, check out all of Sonlight's Language Arts options here.

6th Grade Spelling & Vocabulary

We include Spelling You See's Ancient Achievements spelling for your children's sixth grade year. The Instructor's Handbook contains an introduction to the philosophy behind Spelling You See and the five development stages of spelling. Using the Teacher's Guide, you will work through the 36 lessons. Your children will "chunk" the appropriate letter patterns indicated for that day's lesson while also discovering a Spotlight that introduces interesting facts about words. Also included are opportunities for copywork and writing from dictation throughout the week.

6th Grade Science

The human body, anatomy, gender differences, reproduction, health and nutrition, and survival skills, these are key components of Sonlight's Science F, the matching Science level included in the 6th grade All-Subjects Package.

This year you have a choice between a Boys and a Girls package. Why? Because we include one of two gender-specific titles: The Boy's Body Book and The Care & Keeping of You: The Body Book for Girls. These are easily digested books that help your children as they grow up with simple suggestions and commentary on things like hair care and how to keep clean. There is also a three-week unit on survival skills (a unit we felt related to health and human physiology).

This year, your children will also learn about geology, fossils, and evolution and intelligent design so they are able to understand, and respond to, the broad discussion of the earth's formation. The Unlocking the Mystery of Life DVD shows evidence for an Intelligent Designer and adds depth to the origin of life conversation.

The hands-on experiments this year take place in the kitchen and look at food and how the body uses that fuel. So, the few science supplies you'll need should be available in your home.

While it's easy to just match your level of science to what history program you are doing, you also have choices here. You are free to match a range of children up and do one level together, or go back to study something you might have missed. This is a fascinating subject to learn about every day from your couch and kitchen.

Choose the matching 6th Grade Science level or browse other available Science programs and see what you could discover.

6th Grade Math

Math-U-See's Zeta is included in our 6th Grade All-Subject package. Zeta will help your children's concepts of place value to the right of the decimal point while showing the connection between fractions and decimals. Your children will continue to learn more about place values, including decimals and how to add, subtract, multiply and divide multiple digit decimals.

Additionally, your children will learn about exponents, negative numbers, using properties of operations to simplify algebraic expressions, graphing variables, plane geometry and geometric symbols and more.

While Math-U-See is included in Sonlight's All-Subjects Package, if you are interested in another program, you can easily swap out the math and still receive our best 20% discount. Learn more about your other 6th Grade Math options here.

Ways to Buy

Two ways to choose your 6th Grade curriculum

Put together a customized program OR select the recommended everything-you-need package. Compare your choices and pick the path you want. Either way, a wonderful adventure in learning awaits you and your family.

Start with History

Choose one of the options below.

Select the program that covers the history focus you'd like to use this year. Because you'll teach with real books, each Sonlight program works with a range of ages and allows you to teach multiple children together. View the full curriculum scope & sequence for additional information.

Need help choosing? Chat with an Advisor.

Add other subjects as needed.

Intro to American History, Year 1 of 2 DCD5

Intro to American History, Year 1 of 2
History / Bible / Literature D

From before the Pilgrims up to the Civil War, understand United States history
Includes SonlightCares
$249 FREE
Retail: $558.49
Product Details
Title: Intro to American History, Year 1 of 2
Age Range: 9-12
Grade Range: 4-7
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Intro to American History (One Year Condensed) DECP

Intro to American History (One Year Condensed)
History / Bible / Literature D+E

Five hundred years of United States history, covered in 36 weeks
Includes SonlightCares
$249 FREE
Retail: $574.42
Product Details
Title: Intro to American History (One Year Condensed)
Age Range: 10-13
Grade Range: 5-8
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Intro to American History, Year 2 of 2 EC5

Intro to American History, Year 2 of 2
History / Bible / Literature E

From the Civil War to the present, United States history unfolds
Includes SonlightCares
$249 FREE
Retail: $561.29
Product Details
Title: Intro to American History, Year 2 of 2
Age Range: 10-13
Grade Range: 5-8
Learn More
Eastern Hemisphere FC5

Eastern Hemisphere
History / Bible / Literature F

A cultural study of important, but often overlooked, countries
Includes SonlightCares
$249 FREE
Retail: $660.23
Product Details
Title: Eastern Hemisphere
Age Range: 11-14
Grade Range: 6-9
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6th Grade Curriculum 6ASPB

6th Grade Curriculum
All-Subjects Package F for Boys

A cultural study of important, but often overlooked, countries
Includes SonlightCares
$249 FREE
Retail: $1167.50
Product Details
Title: Eastern Hemisphere
Age Range: 11-14
Grade Range: 6
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6th Grade Curriculum 6ASPG

6th Grade Curriculum
All-Subjects Package F for Girls

A cultural study of important, but often overlooked, countries
Includes SonlightCares
$249 FREE
Retail: $1167.54
Product Details
Title: Eastern Hemisphere
Age Range: 11-14
Grade Range: 6
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