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High School Courses

In high school, mix-and-match your courses to meet college requirements and student interest.

In a brick-and-mortar school, students get a course catalog, and pick which social studies, which English, which math and science and electives will work best for them each semester.

And so with you. You can pick a History and a Literature program that make sense, mixing and matching.

If your students want to study American history their junior year, you can choose 100 History with 400 Literature.

Or, maybe your family realizes there isn't time for 200 Church History, but the 200 Literature looks too captivating to miss. That program makes excellent summer reading.

Or, maybe your children have fulfilled their History requirements for college, but need another credit for Language Arts. Maybe 600 British Literature would be the fun final course of their high school career.

With six upper-level History and Language Arts programs, you can mix-and-match to make the best program for your students.

Pick a History + Literature + add Electives

If you order any History and Bible course with any Literature and Language Arts course, that counts as a History / Bible / Literature program and you'll receive 15% off. You will also recieve SonlightCares benefits. If you order a History and Bible course, Literature and Language Arts course, Science, and Math, you get the full 20% discount from an All-Subjects Package.

History and Bible Courses

Add Literature / Language Arts to save 15%

Literature and Language Arts Courses

Add History / Bible and save 15%


Add Math & Science to your History and Literature choices and save 20%


Add Math & Science to your History and Literature choices and save 20%

Round out your high school studies with these excellent courses:

Elective Courses

How do Sonlight High School programs work?

Like a high school course catalog, choose the programs your student needs. We designed these courses so programs work well together (120 History with 130 Literature, 220 History with 230 Literature, etc.), but customers have used other combinations successfully.

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