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100 Instructor's Guides

Set your weekends free!

Skip planning and organizing your school year and instead focus on time with your students.

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Preassembly for your Instructor's Guides (IGs) IGA

Preassembly for your Instructor's Guides (IGs)

$39.99 Information
Item #: IGA
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Eliminate late night lesson preparation and weekends lost to planning. Our comprehensive Instructor's Guide will:

  • Free your weekends to enjoy your family and friends or relax.
  • Eliminate the stressful and endless cycle of planning and organizing and release the joy of teaching your kids.
  • Infuse you with confidence to teach and then engage your older students in stimulating discussions without having to read a single book.

Sit back and relax knowing that hundreds of homeschool families every year use our History / Bible / Literature 100 IG to effectively and successfully teach their middle and high school children.

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