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Level K - Exploring American History

Great for ages 5-6

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A delightful, age-appropriate Kindergarten American History program, done in Sonlight's signature style.

Sonlight K brings American History to life for the Kindergarten crowd. This 36-week program will tell a dog story and a horse story, share tidbits from the four big wars: Revolutionary, Civil, World War I and World War II, and introduce all four of the presidents on Mount Rushmore. Students will get to meet Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Rosa Parks, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and many, many more American heroes.

Your children (and you!) will hear attention-grabbing stories about friendship in the Civil War, Navajo code talkers, the pony express, and the gold rush. You will get to meet an illustrator, a tightrope walker, a photographer and a poet, among other fascinating individuals.

Purchase this History / Bible / Literature package and you'll get free shipping (lower 48), a one-year guarantee and other perks.

Estimated daily time for Exploring American History plus your other subjects:
Student: 1.5-2 hours | Parent: 1-1.5 hrs

Overview of the History

Sonlight K studies revolve around a Sonlight-authored, two-volume series: Heroes and Happenings. You will learn the stories of key events and important people in American History. Stories of the men and women, artists and presidents, an enslaved potter, a computer programmer, a determined dog, a joyful puppeteer—more than three score short biographies. You'll learn the stories of key events and important people in American history. In these enthralling books, lavish with illustrations and maps, you'll read a bit from the four big wars (Revolutionary, Civil, WWI, WWII), and the four presidents on Mount Rushmore. You'll cover the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the American flag, "The Star-Spangled Banner," and the Statue of Liberty.

You'll learn about events in almost every one of the 50 states. You'll learn about people from a range of religions and ethnicities, with diverse skin colors and contributions. As a complete program, this history program is stunning.

Overview of the Bible

The Bible portion of the program includes an album of memory songs and The One Year Bible for Children, an excellent overview of the stories of the Scriptures. The included Sing the Word CD helps you hide God's Word in your heart with memorization exercises. This CD (also includes the digital version), scheduled in the Sonlight K Instructor's Guide, wonderfully complements the rest of the Bible curriculum included in Exploring American History.

Overview of the Literature

With this program's Read-Alouds you'll enjoy more than a dozen of the best children's books on the planet, books carefully selected from the tens of the thousands published each year.

Introduce your children to perennial favorites such as Little House in the Big Woods and The Boxcar Children and treat them to some titles that may be new to all of you like Violet Makerel's Brilliant Plot, Adventures of a South Pole Pig, and World According to Humphrey. Meet Anna Hibiscus, who lives in Africa—amazing Africa, and travel to 26 Fairmount Avenue where author Tomie dePaola shares his childhood memories.

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