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Want to be a better parent and teacher? We want to support you in your homeschooling journey. So whether you'd like to learn more about learning styles or how to discipline your children or how to homeschool through high school, take a look at Sonlight's Resources selections.

Required Resources

Required Resources are items that you must have to use a curriculum program. To save you money, we do not include these resources in every package. You may already own one or two of them and may not want duplicates. If not, pick them up here. See what items are required resources for your respective Sonlight Curriculum program by selecting your student's Hi...


"Consumables" are items like workbooks that your children will write in or use up during the school year. If you're ordering any consumables, you will usually want to order one of each kind of consumable per child per year. Shop Activity Sheets Activity Sheets Looking for Level-specific Consumables? Preschool Pre-K A B C B+C D E ...

Special Items and Gift Ideas from Sonlight

Find gifts that you and your family (and friends) will really appreciate...

Below you'll find a selection of Sonlight items we've specially chosen as gift ideas for you. These inexpensive gifts are sure to make great memories with your family can be on their way to you today! Can't find just the right gift for someone on your list? Why not select a Sonlight Gift Certificate and let them choose what they like!

Reference Works

Dictionaries, maps, geography songs and more.

Parenting Resources

Supplemental materials to help with parenting.

Teacher Resources

Supplemental Sonlight Resources to help you teach.

Student Resources

Supplemental resources for your students.

AP Preparation

Help your student prepare for an Advanced Placement (AP) exam and potentially earn college credit. Sonlight offers a variety of courses to help your student prepare for AP exams in British Literature, Psychology, Economics, Advanced Biology, and Advanced Chemistry. (Note: Advanced Placement, Advanced Placement Program, and AP are registered ...


and Book Labels

Organize your homeschool papers in a sturdy and convenient binder with tabs. Which binder do you need? For most Instructor's Guides, you'll want the 3-inch D Ring Binder and Tabs designed specifically to hold your History / Bible / Literature Instructor's Guide (IG) plus your Language Arts and Science IGs. For levels 100-500, you will need two bi...

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