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Add Art to your Homeschool
The M family
Sonlighters from
Maryville, TN

Arts & Crafts

Why Art Is Important

Art is important to the development of all children. Here's why...

  • Art is a link to the past. It provides an enjoyable perspective from which to examine history.
  • Art helps students to understand and empathize with the living conditions people have endured at various times and places.
  • Art encourages imagination. It shows students how they might express their own feelings and experiences through painting and drawing.
  • Art provides children an opportunity to create and do, which can be a refreshing break from studying.
  • Art teaches students how to interpret different forms of communication. This homeschool art curriculum teaches them to understand figurative things like symbolism, metaphor, and the meanings of color.
  • Art improves academic achievement. Evidence suggests that students who actively participate in some form of art — whether it be painting, acting, music, etc. — perform better in other subjects than students who don't participate in art.

Sonlight offers a variety of art products for students to enjoy. Please see our Art Appreciation section for art books or our Art Skills section for programs that will teach your children how to draw, paint, sculpt, and more.

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