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Online Computer Programming for your homeschool

Students are spending more time using computing devices than ever before!

Convert your student’s computing time to a more productive activity.

Use CompuScholar's online curriculum to take advantage of growing Computer Science career opportunities.

Help your students transition from consumers to creators of technology!

  • No prior experience required
  • Middle and high school level
  • Self-study "at your own pace"
  • Support from our experts

Grading rubrics to assist parents with grading student projects.

Includes comprehensive technical support

Since many parents don't have a strong computer science background, your students can work directly with CompuScholar if they need assistance. If students are unsure how to complete an assignment, have a question about a concept, or can't understand an error in their code, they are here for you!

  • The Support Portal has knowledge base article and answers to frequently asked questions.
  • You can open a ticket with our support team and a subject-matter expert will help resolve the issue.
  • You can contact CompuScholar by email or phone to discuss the issue.

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