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SQUILT Music Appreciation Lessons

Develop excellent listeners, and make over four hundred years of musical history come alive, using the SQUILT technique of Super Quiet Uninterrupted Listening Time.

SQUILT lessons are music appreciation made easy. This music appreciation curriculum is easy to teach and each volume is simple and affordable.

With each lesson, you’ll use notebooking sheets with four things to listen to:

  • Dynamics: the volume, or how loud and soft—the single factor that most clearly separates the professionals from the talented amateurs
  • Rhythm and Tempo: the speed, and the movement (think about a waltz—it moves different than a hymn)
  • Instrumentation: what instruments perform, and how does that affect the piece?
  • Mood: how does the piece feel?

Included are all teaching instructions, listening links, general notebooking pages, definitions of musical terms, and MORE.

Learn more in two minutes below!

This digital resource is ideal for preschoolers, elementary students, and middle school students.

Please note: SQUILT is not returnable once downloaded.

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