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Make history happen in your home
The M Family, Duncanville, TX


History Project Kits and Lap Books

Bring your history studies to life with hands-on schooling projects and lap books. These hands-on, multi-sensory kits are ideal for kinesthetic learners. These hands-on learning kits are specifically designed to complement Sonlight’s history programs and they are scheduled as optional activities for our History / Bible / Literature levels A, B, D, E, G and H.

Help reinforce and document your students’ History studies and provide evidence of learning. These hands-on kits and lap books both increase your students’ understanding of history and offer evidence of learning ... plus they make learning fun!

Note: Sonlight hands-on kits and lap books can be used as a hands-on supplement to any US or World History program. Use them alongside our History / Bible / Literature programs or as stand-alone activities.

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