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Lap Books

Scheduled as optional activities for Sonlight's Level D, E, G, and H History / Bible / Literature programs, a Lap Book contains a series of history projects that your child will complete over a year. We provide all of the instructions and materials so your child can independently build their own history book while reinforcing what they learned in their American History or World History program. A resource and keepsake that can also be used in your homeschool portfolio!

A Sonlight History lap book comes with pre-assembled file-folders. This sturdy, colorful base folds out into a T-shape, and folds together into a compact, easily stored portfolio of projects to supplement and enhance your American history studies. Over the course of the year, your family will enjoy dozens of projects, and each one has its own place in the History lap book. You can think of it like a chocolate Advent calendar in reverse: rather than taking out a chocolate every day until you're left with an empty holder, the lapbook starts empty, and you add completed projects to it all year long.

The several dozen projects offer a range of hands-on opportunities. Coloring and cutting, of course, but also maps with overlays, pop-ups, pull-tabs, pockets to hold multiple documents, lift-the-flap booklets, spinners.

You provide Scotch tape, a stapler, and colored pencils (or other coloring medium of your choice). Your kit comes with everything else: double-sided sticky tape, glue, all the necessary odds-and-ends (like a brad or some toothpicks, some cloth, a few fake jewels), and a wide-range of pre-printed papers. You can't duplicate this: not only because it's not allowed by copyright, but because the papers come in multiple colors, and range from tissue-paper lightness to the weight of cardstock.

Each of these homeschool history resource kits also comes with a detailed, full-color instruction booklet to help your family enjoy good success with each project. You'll know exactly where to glue each tab, exactly which lines to cut, which lines to fold, which sections to tape, and which papers to staple.

Most families prefer to order one per child. If you're not sure how interested your children will be, order one up front, and should you wish more, you'll enjoy the same discount and shipping at any point for the next year--no penalty for not knowing everything up front.

Your finished lap book will be a wonderful reminder of the places you've traveled during your studies. Get yours today.

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