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Winston Grammar

Winston Grammar Basic – scheduled as an optional part of our Language Arts "4" program – uses manipulatives-based teaching methods to cover all the parts of speech, noun functions, prepositional phrases, and principles of modification. It provides an excellent introduction to sentence diagramming.

The publishers recommend this program for use by students in fourth through ninth grades. We know people who have used it as adults. It is also good for students with learning disabilities. The student workbook is consumable and if you intend to use the program with more than one student at a time, we urge you to get the complete second student pack (workbook and cards).

The Winston Grammar Program Advanced takes up where the Sonlight program leaves off. It reviews the basic parts of speech, noun functions, prepositional phrases, and modification. It then introduces possessives, various pronouns, verbals and clauses.

We have scheduled it for use in our Seventh Year program, but it may be used at any point once your child has successfully completed the Winston Grammar Basic program or Sonlight® Language Arts G Activity Sheets.

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