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Sonlight's Language Arts programs include everything from phonics-based reading instruction in the initial levels to spelling, handwriting, grammar, and creative writing in subsequent levels. Purchase a complete Language Arts and Readers program which includes phonics instruction, a phonics-based Spelling program, and beginning instruction in sentence mechanics.

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Homeschool Phonics Programs

Sonlight's early Language Arts programs include a Phonics foundation. You will also find Basic Phonics for Spelling Rules in your Language Arts Instructor's Guide. If you would like to supplement this instruction, pick up these workbooks for assisting in language arts studies, including I Can Read It! and Explode the Code series.

I Can Read It!

Each I Can Read It! volume contains multiple stories that more than your typical reading primer. These stories present an actual plot, not just a pile of words. Each lesson progresses naturally through phonetic and spelling patterns. Watch your child's confidence rise with each story in I Can Read It.

I Can Read It! 1R16

I Can Read It!

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