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Finally! Math that actually sticks with your kids so they can use it in real life

Have you heard of Math-U-See? It's a product our customers have been raving about. So we did some research and we agree: It's a great way to help your kids understand (and actually enjoy) math. We like it so much that we'll be including it in many of our All-Subjects Packages this year. Click here for a brief demonstration how Math-U-See works.

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Math-U-See builds understanding – 5 reasons this approach works

  1. Math has traditionally been taught by having students memorize facts and formulas. But memorization alone doesn't ensure that learners understand concepts. Math-U-See shows your children how to solve a problem, why it's solved in the manner prescribed, and when to apply the concept learned to solve real-life situations (and dreaded word problems)!
  2. Math-U-See emphasizes mastery. How do you get there? The program is carefully structured with step-by-step procedures: Introduce. Practice. Master. Review. Your student will actually teach the concept back to you before you move on. As a mastery-based program, your student sets the pace. It's a surefire way to build skills and confidence.
  3. Math is cumulative and sequential; one concept builds on the next. That's why it's nearly impossible to keep up if you've missed out on a foundational skill. Math-U-See uses a systematic approach that follows the logical sequence of learning: Your student masters counting before moving on to addition before moving on to subtraction, etc. Curriculum is based on the Greek alphabet (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, etc.) to emphasize the sequence of concepts taught (rather than a grade-level association). This gives your children a solid foundation on which to build upper-level math.
  4. Math-U-See is multisensory. Your children are each unique in their learning styles. How to make sure everyone learns? Teach them using multiple senses! Math-U-See uses manipulatives – small colored, Lego-like pieces – that help kids visualize what they're learning, for all levels through Algebra I. Students first Build the problem. Then they Write the problem. Then they Say (speak) the problem. With each sense they use, the learning gains an additional mental hook that supports long-term memory.
  5. Math-U-See curriculum is easy to teach (even if you're no math whiz, Mom or Dad). If you're willing to watch a short video (your kids can watch right along with you), you can do this. Math-U-See offers everything you need – instructional videos, manipulatives, drills, worksheets, and complete solutions. If you're able to be actively involved, your children will be successful with Math-U-See … and you'll probably learn a few things, too!

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Imagine this: Your kids will be excited to do math

We're elated to have the opportunity to share Math-U-See with your family. As with all of the best-of-the-best programs we offer, the proof is in what homeschool families are saying about how Math-U-See is changing their children's educational experience:

"Each day I ask my 9-year-old son what subject he'd like to start with, and every day, it's math. Before Math-U-See, he never wanted to even look at math. He loves the blocks and really is getting it (funny thing is, so am I)." – Stephanie L.
"Math-U-See could (and possibly should) be the only math curriculum taught. I'm amazed at what I've been able to learn as I teach. The most practical thing is mental math. My husband and I watch the videos with the kids and look at each other in awe at the shortcuts that we were never taught but are so useful." – Bridget A.

Due to restrictions from some publishers, we are not allowed to discount Rosetta Stone, Singapore Math, Math-U-See, Spelling You See, All About Spelling, A Child's History of the World, and a few other products. History / Bible / Literature and All-Subjects Package are pre-discounted. No additional discounts apply.

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