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Discover & Do

The ideal video supplement to your Sonlight Science program.

Discover & Do videos (DVDs + digital access) demonstrate each activity and inspire your students to do every experiment in the early Sonlight Science programs.

Discover & Do

We've always said that Sonlight is "great for your kids, AND great for you," and the Discover & Do DVD's were made with that in mind. As a busy parent, you may not have the time to demonstrate the experiments yourself. With this DVD set + digital access, your students will be able to watch the experiments and learn do it on their own.

Filled with fascinating activities and peppered with humor, these science videos are an ideal supplement to your child's education. Also includes digital access so you can stream it from your Sonlight account.

Discover & Do Level K

In Discover & Do, Level K, you'll observe nearly 100 science experiments that are part of the Science A curriculum. You'll learn what makes planes fly and why you can't taste things when you have a cold. You'll grow plants from beans, make a weather vane, build a sailboat and much more.

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Discover & Do Level 1

In Discover & Do, Level 1, you'll observe more than 90 science experiments and activities that are part of the Science B curriculum. You'll make a clock out of your shadow, build an electromagnet, and learn how to make your own rainbow. You'll even make a magnet float in mid-air!

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Discover & Do Level 2

In Discover & Do, Level 2, you'll observe more than 75 different experiments that are part of the Science C curriculum. You'll learn how to make a flashing lighthouse, why electricity and water don't mix, why you get dizzy, and how to take your own fingerprints. You'll make your own thermometer, complete a circuit, create a model lung, and much more.

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Discover & Do Level 3

Observe and learn how to do 60 science experiments in the Science D curriculum. Learn how plants make food, how to measure the mass of an object, and how to build your own seed tray and pole planter. Create a scientific journal, make and test predictions, and grow radishes, beans and corn. All this and much more.

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Discover & Do Level 4

In Discover & Do Level 4 you'll observe more than 90 different science experiments that are part of the Science E curriculum. You'll learn why light bulbs light, look at all the colors in a prism, and even make your own electric motor. You'll build a fuse, make your own helicopter, and use a microscope to look at bugs, plants, rocks, and even human body cells.

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