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Science 250

High School Biology (250)

Study God's incredible design, with both a "macro" and "micro" view of the world. Learn about classifying living things, genetics and ecosystems. Engage in microscopy and dissection exercises and study four living specimens up close.

The science study begins with the 200-Level Exploring Creation with Biology program. It balances subject reading with an optional "experimental biology" component including microscopy and advanced dissection.

The key text, Apologia's Exploring Creation with Biology, incorporates an engaging, conversational tone capable of grabbing teenagers' attention and keeping their minds on track. The authors give a Christian viewpoint and lift up God's incredible design for the world, which is reinforced with colorful illustrations, pictures, tables and charts. Aspiring young scientists will enjoy the brief biographical summaries of notable scientists with Christian backgrounds. A "solutions and tests" manual is included, and we've also created a Sonlight-style schedule guide to complement the book.

The book study begins with a "macro" view of our living world. Your students learn about Kingdoms and Phyla and the steps needed to identify and classify many animals and plants. Students move on to the "micro" perspective with single-celled organisms and their reproduction, advance to genetics, and finish with ecosystems.

The microscopy and dissection exercises go hand-in-hand with the topics covered throughout Sonlight's 36-week schedule. Budding biologists will use the Sonlight Ultra Microscope to uncover the marvelous movement, shape and color of microorganisms unseen with the naked eye. They'll follow detailed instructions from Sonlight's Advanced Dissection Kit on how to delicately explore the internal organs and external structures of 4 different specimens from land and sea.

Please Note: Many colleges look for at least one lab science on a student's transcript. To gain hands-on experience with a microscope, as is often included in a lab course, you may wish to purchase the Microscopy Supplies Kit (item 250-25).

The book material and hands-on experiments are supplemented with an outstanding multimedia CD-ROM which includes audio pronunciations of key vocabulary terms, animated versions of illustrations from the book, and video clips of a variety of microorganisms. Auditory and visual learners will reinforce their readings and maximize their comprehension.

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