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Science 350

High School Chemistry (350)

The 300-Level Exploring Creation With Chemistry addresses the theoretical and mathematical basis of chemistry and follows a sequence of learning similar to the biology. Learning is boosted dramatically with several fascinating experiments that demonstrate universal formulas and concepts such as mass, density, volume, and more.

Several projects include solving for unknown ratios, and Exploring Creation With Chemistry explains ratios and their associated calculations better than any math book we have found. Note: Students who have not completed Algebra 1 prior to taking the course will be pushing themselves to master the work and calculations.

The course also includes a "solutions and tests" manual, a multimedia CD-ROM, a Sonlight Chemistry Schedule Plus, and a Chemistry Supplies Kit. Children who learn more effectively with the aid of visual and auditory elements will benefit greatly from the multimedia DVD. The chemical reactions the clips demonstrate will stir your student's senses with a fizz, crackle, spark, pop, or boom!

If your student completes the experiments that go with the course, he or she will have a true, upper-level high school science experience.

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